The Place Theatre, Bedford

Viki Brown - HELP!
Viki Browne
4th October at 7:30pm
Running time: 60mins, no interval

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Viki jumps into a bush. She isn't coping. Welcome to her sequin-encrusted world. Rats wear capes, butters race and you're invited to dance in the disco of dirty secrets.
Help! is about falling apart, pulling yourself together and being surprised by what you're left with. It is for anyone who's ever struggled.

'The Place, Bedford has unreserved seating.
Do you need a seat on the end of the row, near the back, away from a speaker to help support your mental health?
Please speak my telephone (01234 354321) or send us an email if you would like your seat to be reserved.

There will be loud noises and flashing lights in the performance.
Please help your self to ear plugs if you need them and pick up a Light/Sound Access guide from the box office for a guide of where they are during the performance.

Trigger Warning:
The piece will explore anxiety, depression as well as suicidal thoughts and feelings.

Quiet Space: There is a quiet space in the foyer and a quiet room upstairs in the venue. Follow the signs from the theatre. You are welcome to leave the performance at any time. Someone will light your way up the stairs and out of the theatre space and will offer to take you to the quiet space.

The Mindscapes strand of work is presented in partnership with Mind BLMK and ELFT NHS. Made possible thanks to funding from The Panacea Society, distributed through the Bedford and Luton Community Fund.

On the 19th January 2012 I ducked into a large magnolia bush on Wimbledon Common and this was where I shattered.
When your head breaks it makes you question everything you know, everything is a potential unreality.
HELP! is about the time I asked for help. It is a story about panic attacks in supermarkets and depression like television static interrupting your everyday. A story where butters race on strings, rats wear capes in order to survive, and there is an unbridled, sweaty, Europop disco. A story full of silver sequins, poems about Autoglass adverts, fairy lights and rolls and rolls of tin foil.
HELP! looks at the loss of, and re-definition of self that occurs when your self-image and perceptions of reality are challenged by mental illness. The show communicates what it feels like to suffer from depression and anxiety in a language of popular culture references that anyone can connect with.
I hope to inspire people to feel less afraid to talk about mental health, to wobble the concept of the other and to inspire empathy. HELP! is playful, moving, joyous and thought provoking.
Its not all doom and gloom (I promise).
Love from,
Viki x

Note that this show is not suitable for children under 14.

Tickets for this show are priced at £12.00, with concession prices of £10.00 and members of our Friends scheme pay £9.00.

For further information on Viki Brown, visit the Viki Brown website.