Christmas 2020 – Plans at The Place

We’ve been holding off talking about Christmas 2020 at The Place Theatre whilst we move a few things around and await further developments, but now we’ve had some more government guidance, we’re in a position to let you know more about our plans.

We have a small bit of bad news, and a huge chunk of good news. We hope you’ll be as excited as we are.
Firstly, the bad news: After a long discussion with the company we felt that we couldn’t do the planned for production of It’s A Wonderful Life this December. Alongside all of the probable restrictions and challenges, we just didn’t feel that the story was quite right to tell during these difficult and turbulent times. So, we have worked with the company to move It’s A Wonderful Life to December 2021. Tickets for those performances are already on sale here

The good news is that we’ve got a whole new opportunity for this Christmas instead, working with the same wonderful team from Mangled Yarn. We’re super proud that the company has secured funding from Arts Council England to make this new piece, bespoke for The Place and our communities here in Bedford.

Every Time A Bell Rings draws it’s inspiration from the same source as It’s A Wonderful Life, but we’re focusing on different characters and will be sourcing stories, anecdotes and inspiration from our local communities to build an unique Christmas show full of music, laughs and touching moments – all of which are able to respond to the bizarre situation that we will all be living through this Winter season.

We will be putting some live events on (following Social Distancing Rules, and with limited capacity) in the run up to Christmas Day. But the events will also be Live Streamed to customers online who may not be able to join us here at the venue. We’re also going to record the show so we can share it directly with people in isolated communities, or who may not be able to get online. Basically, we want to give everyone a special Christmas Gift from the whole team here at The Place and at Mangled Yarn.

We’re so excited that we will get to present something unique and special to you this December, and we’re already working hard to make sure that this piece really captures the spirit and soul of Bedford as we continue to pull together and push through this challenge. We hope you can join us for it!
Tickets are on sale now, and limited for the live events.

Stay tuned for more information about how you can get tickets for the Live Streams and Recordings.
Alex, Chris, Neil & all the team at The Place Bedford & Mangled Yarn

The Place Bedford