GamePlay continues

A slightly quieter week for us as we start to focus in our our next 2 events: LiveStream Weekender & The Game Play Festival 2023.

We’ve been reaching out to TTRPG publishers & Games Masters about supporting the Livestream – helping us to spread the word about what we’re doing & reach a wider audience for our live stream & videos. It also fits really well with our stated aim of introducing a wider range of TTRPG content (moving beyond Dungeons & Dragons, and other ‘big boys’) as well as highlighting UK based publishers.
We’ve already had one exciting feedback from a publisher offering to help in a variety of ways – and perhaps even get directly involved in the Livestream themselves.

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We now have our Corporate Sponsorship Packs ready to go out to local businesses – helping underwrite some of the costs of this festival by tying in with local, National & International businesses. If this project sounds like something you think your workplace should be supporting then please get in contact with us – we’ve got opportunities for everyone – from sponsoring the whole project, through to just getting involved with a single Event or Activity. If you’re trying to reach young people & local families interested in play & games then this is a great opportunity to work alongside us as we do the same thing.

Speaking of Young People, we held our very first Youth Steering group meeting on Sunday afternoon – straight after our weekly TTRPG club. It was a great opportunity to hear directly from our target audience about how they got to know us at the start, what draws them to engage in activities & for us to understand a bit more about the challenges of reaching a younger audience. Super informative for us, but also exciting for the participants as well – the next step will be to start handing some design & production responsibilities to them – by the time we reach the festival they’ll be partially responsible for some of the content & activities taking place.
This is a new & fun way for us to work on Game Play – and we’re only able to do it because we’ve had 2-3yrs of building these connections with the young people who attend our TTRPG club. We’re really excited to grow this Steering Group over the next year so that by the 2024 festival they’ll be even more embedded in the content creation & delivery.

Meanwhile we’ve also spent sometime looking at the Game Play website and trying to tidy that up so it’s ready to go for our next set of activities – we’re always able to use The Place website to sell tickets & communicate – but sometimes it’s nice to have your own sandbox to play in as well – if you’ve got a few minutes why not head over and have a look around?

More updates in the next 10 days as we continue to develop

Alex, Simâo & team Game Play