Imagine a map of Bedford drawn in chalk on the ground: 
Think of the names of its streets and paths. 
What if those street names didn’t commemorate the past but instead spoke of our hopes for the future? 
If we could rename those familiar streets, what would we call them? 
Would they be optimistic? Or a bit more down to earth?
The Desire Paths is a highly participatory public realm performance free to all; it explores the concept that our surroundings have a direct and intangible effect on our minds and therefore the way we live, work and play together, something which is particularly relevant in our multicultural community. 
The Desire Paths is delivered by Third Angel – a theatre company creating public artwork in public spaces, and has been successfully run in Sheffield, Newcastle & Slough.
Bedford Players Trust & The Place Bedford will be bringing this pop-up art/storytelling installation to Bedford from Friday 3rd – Sunday 5th September 2021 reaching weekday and weekend visitors in the last weekend before the end of the summer holidays. 
It will be free-to-experience, with a high level of passing interest, no ticketing and a team of 7 dedicated performers plus a volunteer team from The Place Bedford. 
We’re not going to put Bedford on the map, we’ll put the map on Bedford!


Funded by Bedford Borough Council's Town Centres Priority Fund