The Place Bedford is partnering with Pathways (King’s Arms Project) and the Bedford community for an inspiring new project. 

The project is an opportunity for voices that are often hidden or unheard to have a platform. It’s inspired by hope and the belief that lives can change and that there is ‘no such thing as a hopeless case’. We’re inviting people from the homeless community or those with lived experience of homelessness to get involved, along with residents at HMP Bedford and contacts of the Refugee Support Team.

“When we have the courage to walk into our story and own it, we get to write the ending” (Brené Brown)


The project invites participants to get involved in writing or recording creatively in 3 different ways:
● Write a letter to their future self (they choose how far into the future) – inspired by the web site
● Create a narrative to ‘talk’ to your past self from the present
● Tell your story, your experiences – this could be prose or poetry


Pathways clients have one-to-one time online with a member of the team to give them a chance to discuss their ideas and to support them in their writing/recording. Participants are able to contribute whether or not they want their work to be part of the ReVerb Project digital performance event. They have the option of recording their work themselves (audio/video) or having it read live at the event by a member of the local community.

Contacts of Companions Real Bread are offered the chance to be involved and are signposted to Harri for further details and support as needed. Residents at HMP Bedford are offered the opportunity via in-cell TV and are signposted to key staff for information and support. We plan to invite involvement from contacts of the Refugee Support Team as and when it’s possible for the team to implement this.

The event(s)

Material generated will (where permission is given) be used to create a digital event, or a series of events, of roughly 30-60 mins – depending on number of submissions – where extracts from the stories and letters will be brought to life through live readings, with the potential for recorded material, music and art work also being included. Performers from the local community will be invited to lend their voices to bring the work to life.

Tickets will be Pay What You Can, split between Pathways and The Place, available on The Place website, with the opportunity to also give a donation to support work at The Place Bedford.


Find out more about this project by following our Social Media channels for future announcements.

If you’re interested in partnering with us on this project and opening the opportunities up to more under-served voices in our community then get in contact with us directly: community@theplacebedford,


Audience feedback from the first Digital Sharing:

‘Thanks for all the hard work that all of you put into this and I hope that all of the people who had the courage to share their stories found this made them realise they have come a long way and have so much more wisdom and value than they ever thought they had before.’

 ‘Thank you so much for the invite tonight, it was amazing to hear the stories. I know that Dave would have been so proud of you all. The Phoenix Coaching Trust is honoured to be able to continue the coaching courses that have had such an impact.’

 ‘I’m so glad I managed to catch some of this. Absolutely brilliant work. Well done…this MUST happen again.’

 ‘Thank you so much everyone for sharing your stories. Hayden (contributor) I am so proud of you – well done’.