Produced By: Chronic Insanity

52 Souls [Digital Event]

Professional Theatre
27 Jan 2021
30 Jan 2021
27 Jan, all day
28 Jan, all day
29 Jan, all day
30 Jan, all day

“Humanity has both a morbid curiosity and an instinctual repulsion when it comes to death. For the next 60 minutes we'll find out which is stronger.”
Even though it's something we will all go through, death is one of the least understood parts of the human experience, so Chronic Insanity has decided to dive into the deep end.
52 Souls is a pick-and-mix digital theatre production about death and mortality where the audience uses a shuffled pack of cards to create a unique variety show containing comedy, tragedy, music, poetry, magic, puppetry, and everything in between. By shuffling the cards, the audience randomly generates a series of performances to better understand humanity's obsession with, and ignorance about, death.
Over 50 international performers, over 50 scenes, and one hour to experience whatever you can.
The performance will be available with captions.
The performance will be on demand If there are any particular themes or subjects that you want to avoid, email and we’ll let you know which cards to remove from your pack before watching.
PLEASE NOTE: The performance is ON DEMAND, meaning you can watch it at whatever time is convenient to you. 
“An impressive balance between entertainment and philosophical rumination, 4 Stars”Broadway World
“Bold and imaginative… and impressive and memorable production” LondonTheatre1