Produced By: Swan Theatre Company

A Chill In The Air

11 Apr 2021
11 Apr, 20:00

Tickets no longer available.

When the days are short and the night arrives early, ghost stories have been a traditional way of getting us all to huddle a little closer to each other and the fire on a cold winter’s night.

So it was that a group of Place friends came up with the idea of ‘A Chill in the Air,’ a series of hour-long explorations of the gothic and the ghostly through poetry and prose, performed throughout the autumn and into early spring. All the performers are lovers of the genre and have curated the poems and stories from their favourite writers.
Tickets are free, and available right here, on The Place website. So, pull up a chair, get cosy, dim the lights, and come with us to a place where, for a short while at least, the boundary between us and another realm is thinner than we might like.
Performance begins at 8pm.