Produced By: Arrows & Traps

Chaplin: Birth of a Tramp

Professional Theatre
06 Jun 2020
06 Jun, 19:30

Tickets no longer available.

Written and Directed by Ross McGregor
Produced by Christopher Tester
“What a sad business, being funny” – “Limelight” (1952)

For over 100 years, Charlie Chaplin has been the world’s best-loved clown. His brilliant comic creation of “The Little Tramp” is the first and most recognisable cinematic icon in history. But his remarkable story of stardom and success has a darker side. 
Raised in the horrific, grinding poverty of a Victorian slum, Charlie never knew the security of a stable family. Whilst his parents destroyed themselves with disastrous ambition and unshakeable vice, Charlie was thrown at the mercy of the workhouse. Desperate to escape his feral existence on the streets of South London, Charlie became captivated by the shining lights of vaudeville, and gradually began to see a way out. 
Critically-acclaimed Arrows & Traps return with an examination of the relationship between experience and creativity, and invite you to discover how Chaplin spun personal tragedy into universal comedy, in a psychological exploration of one of the world’s most remarkable lives.
This production is being produced with the full endorsement of the Chaplin Estate and the Chaplin Family.
Running time – 110 minutes, including a 15-minute interval. No age restriction.

This production gets it right in every way… we certainly advise beating your way to the box office to see it! ★★★★★ London Living Large

The production combines moments of pure naturalism: touching, honest, thought-provoking moments in Chaplin’s life, alongside trademark physical movement scenes where we see the grind of the workhouse, the brilliant mirroring of the two Charlies and the final beautifully executed dance with a bowler hat. Interwoven in a seamlessly slick fashion we watch mesmerized as this story unfolds…this show leaves you laughing, crying but ultimately humbled by the genius of a man who believed that all you need to make comedy is a park bench, a policeman and a pretty girl. ★★★★★ Sardines

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