Produced By: Gobbledegook Theatre

Cloudscapes [Outdoor Event]

Professional Theatre
27 Jun 2021
27 Jun, 11:00
27 Jun, 12:30
27 Jun, 14:00
27 Jun, 14:00
27 Jun, 15:30
27 Jun, 17:00

Tickets no longer available.

“By inviting us to relax and listen, and to look up rather than along the horizontal plane that we mostly operate in, Lorna Rees has given us a marvellous gift. The stories she tells are beguiling and beautifully woven together….the whole experience is delightful” – Dorothy Max Prior, Total Theatre Magazine
CLOUDSCAPES is a duologue for performer and clouds in an outdoor auditorium — a cloud-gazing area. Whilst a performer tells stories of her relationship with the troposphere, audiences are encouraged to look up and contemplate the mutability of clouds, as well as the mutability of humanity.
Even the most seemingly featureless skies provide plentiful material. Cloudscapes is a very personal, human-scale work about clouds, with a focus on the role of clouds in climate change.
Gobbledegook make innovative, cross-artform work for unusual places. With theatre at its core, their live performance, music, and installation work is frequently inspired by Earth Sciences, and almost always takes place outdoors.