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Crime and Punishment

Creative Community
30 Sep 2023
30 Sep, 19:30

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Crime and Punishment

Adapted by Marilyn Campbell and Curt Columbus

From the novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Raskolnikov, a former law student living in extreme poverty in St Petersburg believes he is ‘extraordinary’. After murdering the avaricious old pawnbroker, Alyona Ivanova and her sweet sister Lizaveta, he finds he cannot escape his pervading guilt, which results in the realisation that he is just an ‘ordinary’ man.

Led to Raskolnikov by the discovery, at the pawnbrokers, of items of value belonging to him, we follow the progress of inspector Porfiry’s investigation and patient interrogation of Raskolnikov.

But, with no firm evidence, how can Porfiry arrest Raskolnikov for the murders? Is Raskolnikov indeed a guilty man, or is it an invention of his poor state of mind? Can the devout, but fallen Sonia bring him to redemption?

Fyodor Dostoevsky’s tale of poverty, crime, guilt, redemption, punishment, and love is as fresh and relevant today as it was when it appeared in The Russian Messenger during 1866 in 12 monthly installments. Crime and Punishment seeks to explore the moral and psychological dangers of the ideology of radicalism.

This adaptation by Marilyn Campbell and Curt Columbus thoughtfully pares back the story to focus on the actions and emotions of the main characters and the gentle persistence of Inspector Porfiry’s search for justice.

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Suitable for ages 12+