Produced By: Swan Theatre Company

Dancing at Lughnasa

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24 Sep 2024
28 Sep 2024
24 Sep, 19:30
25 Sep, 19:30
26 Sep, 19:30
27 Sep, 19:30
28 Sep, 19:30

Michael looks back on the late summer of 1936, when he was seven years old and living with his unmarried mother, Chris, and her four older sisters in the village of Bally Beg in Donegal. Michael’s Uncle Jack had just returned home after twenty-five years as a missionary in Africa, and they are also visited by Gerry Evans, Michael’s father who promises to marry Chris and buy Michael a new bike. It’s the festival of Lughnasa and there’s magic in the air as Michael watches his mother and her sisters dance crazily to music on the radio.

This moving, funny, lyrical play by Brian Friel is not to be missed.