Produced By: Circus Sonas

Dirty Tattooed Circus

Great Night Out
06 Apr 2022
06 Apr, 19:30

Tickets no longer available.

Two dangerous Irishmen doing dangerous things for a laugh.

An adult cabaret starring Ireland's fun-est circus performers: Martin Mor, and Logy Logan. If Motorhead had sex with Cirque Du Soleil, this is what you'd get. Strictly adults only!

Over the course of a show you will feel amused, amazed, confused and, at times, worried for the performers’ wellbeing. This is not your standard circus comedy fare, although they do juggle, they just happen to do it with axes, claw hammers and large open gardening shears. The chemistry and trust between the two international circus performers, Martin Mor and Logy Logan, is evident throughout.

As they banter and joke their way between risky and precarious stunts, it is not only the performers who are in danger, but also the audience. Not from any physical harm of course but from a good-natured ribbing and mocking from the two charming bearded Irishman.

Overall Dirty Tattooed Circus is 90 minutes of rock music, tattoos, wit and a good dose of danger-filled antics that will cause you to both yelp in fear and howl with laughter. You’d be absolutely crazy not to go.

WARNING: Audience participation, Nudity, Strong language/swearing. This show contains two big bearded Irishmen performing act or real danger and stupidity. 

This show is truly a tour de force of strange circus and comedy skills –

Dangerous and hilarious…just how we love our circusClothesline Magazine, Australia