Produced By: NGYT Youth Theatre

Double Bill: It’s just about love really…isn’t it? / Be Still the tide.

Creative Community
18 Jul 2024
18 Jul, 19:30

Join these young creatives as they share their truths and centre the voices of the Next Generation. A double bill of original dance and theatre by Meraki Dance Company and The NGYT Theatre Company.

Meraki Dance Company Present 'It's just about love really…isn't it?'

Join our hearts, hear your own and delve into Meraki Dance Company's personal and moving accounts of love in its many guises. Truths, pain, loss, shame, joy, hope; It's just about love really… isn't it?

“What a triumph. This show is so beautiful”

“Thought provoking and moving.”

“If decision makers want to know what young people feel, they need to come and see an NGYT show. You get to see what truly matters to young people” 

“You might cry. You will definitely laugh”

“Vibrant, dynamic, professional”

NGYT Theatre Company Present 'Be still the tide'

“…and you aren't alone, I want you… I need you to know my door's always open”

A journey of self-discovery and acceptance as we live through the overwhelming waves of anxiety and fear. Dance studios, comfy corners, hilltop hideaways and Stadium sanctuary. Good days and bad days, safe spaces to speak or drown in unentered silence.

'Be Still The Tide' ebbs and flows on the shores of our lived experiences, sharing our unique voices through music, movement, storytelling and verse – where hope hears reality and survival stands taller than the never-ending waves.

“This show truly changed me”

“I was blown away by the message, the talent and the care that had gone into the creation of the show”

Visceral, emotive, provocative

The performances linger in your thoughts and reflections long after the lights go out in the theatre

“Both powerful and compelling – an unexpected roller coaster ride for your emotions!”