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GBGW – Behaviour Change Training: Litter Signage

30 Sep 2022
30 Sep, 19:30

Tickets no longer available.

Refill Bedford are excited to be able to bring and deliver this training to the community, after being given the exact training by Refill back in 2021. 
The session will look at the following: 
• Why people might litter 
• Why certain signage might not work 
• Appealing to values 
• Behavioural Psychology/Economics 
• Effort vs Benefit 
• Social Influences 
 Materials and infrastructure 
• A signage experiment that took place in Looe in Cornwall and what worked/did not work 
• How can you apply this all to your area when planning litter signage? 

The training will be hosted by Cory Walker, who is the Refill Bedford scheme coordinator and will last around 40 minutes with a chance to have a discussion and Q&A afterwards for the remainder. 
We hope to see you there!