Produced By: The Pantaloons

It Raineth Every Day: An Introduction to Making Outdoor Theatre

27 May 2021
27 May, 19:30

Tickets no longer available.

Are you planning to mount an outdoor theatre production? Would you like to get professional tips from open-air performance specialists? Do you wish you could spend yet another evening on a Zoom call? If the answer to these questions is yes then you need The Pantaloons’ Introduction to Making Outdoor Theatre!
In this online workshop we will take you on a journey back through time to discover the origins of outdoor theatre and the lessons we can learn from centuries of al fresco performance. We will talk about how this has informed our own work and impart the practical knowledge we have amassed over 17 years of outdoor touring.
What happens to the fourth wall when you can see your audience in broad daylight? How do you keep the audience’s focus where you want it in an informal space? Why did Shakespeare say “the rain it raineth every day”…?
This fascinating and funny workshop has all the answers!