Produced By: Michelle Hudson


Professional Theatre
10 Feb 2021
14 Feb 2021
10 Feb, 20:00
11 Feb, 20:00
12 Feb, 16:00
12 Feb, 20:00
14 Feb, 16:00

“I swiped on them all to see who I could meet. A hundred Manimals in a tracking spreadsheet…”
Michelle, a successful game designer, thinks she’s well on her way to winning the relationship game when she starts going on dates with Manimals – men posing with exotic animals in their dating profiles. But when you try to win at all costs, what do you lose?
A playfully filthy online show, inspired by real-world dates. Live, with audience interaction and gaming, performed over Zoom.
Supported by Arts Council England.
WARNING: Sexually explicit content/nudity, strong language, use of balloons, audience interaction. Above 18s only.
The Thurs 11 Feb, 8PM event is an accessible, live captioned performance