Produced By: Chronic Insanity

Myles Away [Digital Event]

Professional Theatre
06 Dec 2020
06 Dec, 00:01

Tickets no longer available.

In Myles Away, you play the role of an eager new recruit at a tech start-up that is getting ready to launch a game changing new technology. However, your orientation training is hijacked by the recently ousted founder of the company who wants you to help them bring the company down from the inside. Depending on your choices, a branching narrative of corporate espionage ensues which asks questions about racism, trans erasure, and making personal sacrifices for marginalised communities. How far will you go, and how much will you risk, to try and make the world a better place?
The performance is available with captions and audio description.
This performance contains strong language.
The performance is on demand and duration varies depending on your interactions.
PLEASE NOTE: The performance is ON DEMAND, meaning you can watch it at whatever time is convenient to you.
Written by Tennexa Freeman and Joe Strickland
Directed by Schereeya Reed and Joe Strickland
Performed by TL Thompson and Markese Mclamb
“One of the more unusual and inventive experiences of the last few months” – 4 Stars Reviews Hub
“Politically charged and brilliantly effective” – 4 Stars Theatre Weekly
“The detail in the material is astounding” – 4 Stars A Younger Theatre
“Political, engaging, and thoroughly gripping” – 4 Stars Broadway World
“This theatre company are innovators” – 4 Stars North West End