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Our Sustainable Future

26 Jun 2021
26 Jun, 14:00 @

Join us for a few hours at The Place Outdoors.
We are planning to start a discussion about the next steps for our green agenda at the venue and we want to hear from others locally who are interested or have experience in this area: we want to consider long term plans for improvements, changes and upgrades that we might make to the fabric of our building, pulling together examples of types of project that might work, where we might look for inspiration and support to deliver these changes.
Alongside this we’re particularly keen to have input from interested local parties about how we might develop some growing projects on the site, and planning for what we should do and when.
Are there initiatives that we might undertake across our site to help improve the bio-diversity, support growing initiatives and/or generally improve the attractiveness of the site? Let us know
We have some ideas, but we want to hear from you too!
This is an early stages discussion; we haven’t yet secured any funding to deliver anything, so we can’t commit to do everything or start tomorrow, but we want to hear local people’s views on a number of elements around sustainability, ecology etc. That will then help us to plan a strategy, set some clear goals and apply for funding (where necessary) to start that journey.
We’d love you to be part of that journey at the start.