Produced By: Imole Theatre Company

Our War

Professional Theatre
16 Nov 2022
17 Nov 2022
16 Nov, 19:30
17 Nov, 19:30

Our War tells the compelling story of Ola, Tommy and Christian, as they travel from their native land Nigeria to war-torn Britain during the height of World War Two. Tommy & Christian enlist to fight with honour for their Mother Country, Ola is a nurse.

Once they arrive, they experience the horrors of war on the battlefield and the indignities of being Black in the army and in the local community. This new work by Andrew Ashaye brings to life two different worlds: the Mother Country, who claims to need them but not want them, and Nigeria who wants them but feels it has no choice but to let them go.

Our War dramatises the bravery of these forgotten heroes, Black African & Caribbean men and women who contributed and made sacrifices for the war effort in Britain.

Remember me more than a fighting man and the choice I made for the greater plan.

Imole Theatre Company (which means LIGHT in Yoruba) was founded by Lola Oteh, to create a platform in which original and innovative stories can be told. Using drama and performance as a medium to bring history to life and give a voice to stories that might not always be heard.