Produced By: Mangled Yarn

Outdoor Theatre Workshops by Mangled Yarn

11 Jul 2021
11 Jul, 14:00

Tickets no longer available.

The Place Outdoors invites you to join Mangled Yarn for a series of FREE workshops designed to aid in the preparation of any performer for performing theatre in the open air. As COVID restrictions mean theatre has been forced outside, Mangled Yarn share their experience as performers and theatre makers to try and help ease the transition for individuals and companies new or unfamiliar with outdoor theatre. Three 60min workshops, each with a specific focus on one element of outdoor performance are open to anyone of any age or experience level.

Wed 16th June 7:30pm Workshop 1: Outdoor Performance (60 mins)
A close look at physical and vocal warm up techniques to help equip individuals with the tools to negotiate the demanding requirements of performance in the open air.
Mon 28th June 7.30pm Workshop 2: Embracing Your Environment (60 mins)
An exploration of adapting performance and productions to suit different outdoor environments. Including performance style, staging choices and potential problems and pitfalls of the medium.
Sun 11th July 2pm Workshop 3: The Here and Now (60 mins)
A workshop devoted to incorporating the here and now to your performance or production. We look at how to negotiate and utilise distractions, heckling and one off events to not only keep the show on track but enhance it! A strong focus on the art of ad libbing and improvisation.
Please note: maximum of 30 people per workshop so booking is on a first come, first served basis.
All workshops will take place on site at The Place outdoor space. Please check the forecast and bring warm/wet weather clothing if needed!