Produced By: Coney

Overgrown by Coney

Game Play
30 Oct 2023
02 Nov 2023
30 Oct, 19:00
02 Nov, 19:00

Tickets no longer available.

What is the future of nature? If you like tabletop games, storytelling games, conversation games, or simply having fun with friends, then this one’s for you!

Overgrown is a new game all about the tangled relationship between humans and nature. Over the course of the game, players will collectively imagine the story of their local area over the coming decades. New animal species arrive, climate impacts hit, people come and go, and the world changes.

In teams, players will share their hopes and fears for the future, unpack the competing agendas at play in their region, and explore solutions and compromises together. You’ll lose and you’ll gain, and the future is always stranger than you expect.

Overgrown will be played in groups live at The Place. Buy a solo player ticket and we’ll join you with a team on the night, or gather a group of up to 6 players and come along all together.

Playing Audience’s Guide
● You’ll play in groups of up to six people, around a table in-person at The Place
● The game will last approximately 120 minutes, with a break roughly halfway through
● The game will be lead by a presenter who’ll beam in on a big screen from a secret remote location – captions will be available
● The Place team will be on-hand at the venue to support gameplay and provide all required materials
● You’ll be interacting with others, always with the option to step back (or out) whenever you choose
● You’ll be discussing a series of prompts which will invite you to imagine a fictional future in a playful, fantastical way
● The gameplay will require at least one smartphone per group, for an exchange of SMS messages and to access an online platform

Overgrown is a piece by Coney, here represented by David Finnigan (writer and game-maker) and Tassos Stevens (interactive dramaturg and presenter).
Coney is an acclaimed arts and social change charity, on a mission to spark change through play. Learn more about Coney here.