Produced By: Bedford Drama Company

Playbill – The Browning Version / Harlequinade

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15 Oct 2024
19 Oct 2024
15 Oct, 19:30
16 Oct, 19:30
17 Oct, 19:30
18 Oct, 19:30
19 Oct, 19:30

The Browning Version: a middle aged Classics teacher, who had been full of promise in his youth, finds himself with a mediocre career and a failing marriage. His inability to express his true emotions causes friction in all areas of his life. However, the actions of a young pupil result in an unexpected change in perspective.
Harlequinade: Set in the now lost world of the actor-manager of the mid 20th Century, Harlequinade is a witty farce with elements of satire and pathos. Leading man Arthur’s world is turned upside down one evening as he is just about to go on stage to play Romeo, when his hitherto unknown daughter appears. And the child she has with her? Is that just more good news?