Produced By: Maxwell Tyler

Professor Slug’s House of Bugs

Fantastic for Families
06 Feb 2023
06 Feb, 11:00
06 Feb, 14:00

Tickets no longer available.

Professor Slug's House of Bugs is a show all about bugs. Professor Slug is an eccentric expert on invertebrates who helps bugs out with their buggy problems – and you can too!

Get as strong as an ant! Teach a bee how to buzz! And help a dung beetle make a pooey perfume for its big date…

From the co-creator of the award winning One Duck Down (★★★★★ Families Edinburgh), this interactive show is packed full of colourful puppets, catchy songs, and educational info about the wonderful world of bugs.

This production is proud to be supported by charity partner Buglife.

For Ages 3+