Produced By: Upstart Theatre

Red Planet Revolutions

Game Play
22 Oct 2022
22 Oct, 19:30

Tickets no longer available.

It’s 2222 and the human settlement on Mars has finally declared its independence from Earth.

In this new dawn on the Red Planet, you have been chosen to help lead your people to the future. The decisions you make now will shape your planet’s history for generations to come. No pressure…

Red Planet: Revolution is an award-nominated interactive theatre game from Upstart Theatre. Fun and thought- provoking, this show invites you to build your very own future society – and challenges you to preserve it. You’ll face down political opponents and defend your citizens against natural disasters, as you lead the people of Mars into an uncertain future.

Told using music, sound design, two facilitators and light-weight technology, Red Planet: Revolution gives audiences the opportunity to expand their imagination, reigniting their strengths as individuals and a collective, and inspiring them to think about what they are capable of.