Produced By: The Place Bedford & Pathways (King's Arms Project)

ReVerb Project

17 Mar 2021
17 Mar, 20:00

Tickets no longer available.

The ReVerb Project is a partnership between The Place and Pathways (part of King’s Arms Project).  It’s an opportunity for voices that are often hidden or unheard to have a platform, and is inspired by hope and the belief that lives can change and there’s ‘no such thing as a hopeless case’. 

For this first digital event, we’ve invited people from the homeless community or those with lived experience of homelessness to tell their story.  Some have voiced the work themselves, and some is read by other members of the local community on their behalf.

Participants have contributed by writing or recording creatively in different ways:

  • Writing a letter to their ‘future self’, inspired by the web site
  • Creating a narrative to talk to their past self from the present
  • Telling their story, their experiences, as prose or poetry

The ReVerb Project has enabled a ‘holding space’ for those participating to create extraordinary connections with their listeners.  Our hope is that this digital event will be the first of several, allowing more opportunity for under-served voices to be heard and stories to be told from across our diverse community.

This is a ‘Pay What You Can’ event.  All money from ticket sales will be split evenly between The Place and Pathways. It will be hosted on Zoom and will begin at 8pm, lasting approximately an hour.

You can find out more about Pathways here: