Produced By: Alcolea & cie

Right in the Eye – Georges Méliès Live Movie Concert

Great Night Out
04 Nov 2023
04 Nov, 19:30

Tickets no longer available.


A live concert designed as a soundtrack to a montage of silent films by George Méliès (1861 – 1938) considered to be one of the inventors of cinematography. 

“We are living in the movie world created by Georges Méliès more than a century ago, smug in the illusion that we are experiencing the very latest thing.” The New York Times 
“Georges Méliès was ‘the alchemist of light.’” Charlie Chaplin

The musical brainchild of Jean-François Alcoléa who has created a magical show where a multi-layered, evocative and intricate score complements and interprets the otherwise silent films. 
A trio of virtuoso musicians are almost a show in themselves, as they conjure music from an extraordinary array of instruments: basics like piano, percussion and guitar; fantastic oddities like the aquaphone (ocean harp), theremin and melodica; and mundane objects like stemware, circular saws, and even plastic take-out lids. 
The mesmerizing score and panoply of unexpected sound expertly evokes the technical wizardry, hilarity, and stream of invention bequeathed to cinema by Méliès. 
“An exuberant mixed-media feast full of experimental verve.” The Fountain, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 
“A magical hour where films, lighting and music weave a rich tapestry. A unique experience that goes way beyond merely watching very old movies.”  SG Fringe, Edinburgh 
“It is at once inventive, elegant, and moving … right to the core!” Chronique Festival Avignon