Produced By: SpectactulARTS

Rise of the Empress

Professional Theatre
27 Oct 2023
27 Oct, 19:30

Tickets no longer available.

Rise of the Empress – A thought provoking, highly entertaining play exploring the Black Lives Matter movement.

Two women explore the impact of the Black Lives Matter experience and the realities of being Black and British; using storytelling with emotion and insight.

Rise of the Empress goes beyond theatre, and into the realms of transformation and empowerment. Written and starring Sharon DeLeonardis (CEO of SpectaculARTS); and independent artist, and acclaimed anti-racism author Nairobi Thompson, both writers skillfully challenge societal norms around race, whilst providing an unforgettable evening of education, inspiration, laughter and music; leading to a collective ‘call to action’.

This play will spark conversations, giving audiences from all backgrounds more confidence to examine themselves and speak up.  Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of something truly positive and uplifting!

All performances will be followed by a Q&A session which will give audiences an opportunity to find out more about the making of Rise of the Empress, and discuss some of the themes and issues raised by the piece. 

Age range no restrictions age 12 recommendations.