Produced By: Kill the Cat

LET’S TALK: An immersive theatre experience

Game Play
22 Oct 2023
22 Oct, 18:00
22 Oct, 18:20
22 Oct, 18:40
22 Oct, 19:00

Tickets no longer available.

Have you ever sat opposite someone on a bus quietly, both on your phones, and not say a word? Perhaps you glance up for a second and smile at each other. What would happen if one of you said ‘Hello’? 

Let the experiments begin! 
TALK will take you on an immersive adventure unlike any other. Fun, thought provoking, and full of surprises; join our crack team of scientists through six HIGHLY SCIENTIFIC* experiments as we attempt to decipher the key to connection and what it means to be human. 
Part interactive performance, part social experiment. Rediscover your inner child as you dive through lasers, paint a masterpiece and slay a dragon. All the usual science stuff. 
*(Full disclosure, for legal reasons, this is in no way scientific but it will get us all talking again… probably) 
Recommended age: 16+ 
“This is an immersive company at the top of their game… a joyous and empowering experience… masterful” ★★★★ The Okay-ish

“Brilliantly devised and constructed show…an innovative, thought provoking and entertaining creation.” Radio St Austell Bay
“One of the best and most powerful experiences I’ve had in years. Everyone should be made to attend. I absolutely loved it! Thank you.” 
“A superb night out” 
“Absolutely incredible experience!”
Developed and supported by Arts Council England, Hall for Cornwall, intoBodmin, Feast, Theatre Deli and Cornwall Council. 
Created by Dylan Frankland & Madeleine Allardice 
Producer: Turtle Key Arts 
Design: Erin Guan 
Script & Dramaturgy for Experiments 3 + 5: Chris White 
Dramaturgy during R&D: Eoin McAndrew, Myriddin Pharo and Keir Cooper 
Accessibility Consultant: Kellan Frankland 
Trailer: Michael Lynch

About Kill The Cat 
Kill The Cat is an award winning South West based interactive theatre company. 
Run by co-artistic directors Dylan Frankland & Madeleine Allardice, and produced by Turtle Key Arts. We are “paving the way for an exciting new wave of immersive theatre” (London Theatre Weekly). Using interaction to tackle social issues, giving the audience agency and choice; but above all creating a shared sense of community & play. 

“Kill The Cat gives the audience a joyous sense of freedom that is rare in any theatre” Theatre Weekly 
★★★★★ Upper Circle 
★★★★★  London Theatre 1 
 Kill The Cat have received mentorship in their practice from award winning live art due Nigel Barret and Louise Mari, internationally acclaimed opera director Sophie Hunter, and Tom Mansfield Artistic Director of interactive game theatre makers Upstart Theatre. With additional support provided by The Hall for Cornwall, Feast Cornwall, The University of Exeter, Exeter Phoenix, Theatre Deli, intoBodmin and Cornwall Council.
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Twitter: @KillTheCatCo #TALK 
Instagram: killthecattheatre