Produced By: Laugh Out Loud Theatre

Talking Heads

Professional Theatre
15 Sep 2023
15 Sep, 19:30

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Laugh Out Loud Theatre Company take on two of Alan Bennett's popular monologues from his 'Talking Heads' series:

Her Big Chance – Meet Lesley, an actress. She has just completed a video ('targeted chiefly on West Germany') in which she plays Travis, a career girl who enjoys life, spends a remarkable amount of time topless and shoots a man with a harpoon gun. She tells all, blind to the sinister undertones of her story as well as to her own self-delusions and gullibility. 

A Chip in the Sugar – Graham, a middle-aged bachelor, emotionally unintelligent and chronically dependent on his mother, finds life difficult enough at the best of times. When Mother meets an old flame and seems set to marry him, Graham's old insecurities rear their ugly heads.

Alan Bennett is a master of observation and his plays explore the inner world of people, their hopes, fears and petty grievances. They are funny, poignant, relatable and sad at the same time and are as relevant as ever in today's world. Join us for a nostalgic trip back to the eighties as we bring these vivacious, troubled and humorous characters to life.

Suitable for ages 14+