Produced By: Swan Theatre Company

Swan Theatre’s The Tempest [Outdoor Theatre]

20 Jul 2021
24 Jul 2021
20 Jul, 19:00
21 Jul, 19:00
22 Jul, 19:00
23 Jul, 19:00
24 Jul, 19:00

Prospero, a Magician, was usurped from his Dukedom by his brother Antonio aided by Alonso, King of Naples. Exiled with his three-year-old daughter Miranda, they have for many years lived on a remote island.
Now Prospero’s enemies have come within his reach. Aided by the spirit Ariel, Prospero uses his powerful magic to cause a tempest which shipwrecks his enemies. Lost on the island Antonio conspires with Sebastian, Alonso’s brother, against the King. Meanwhile the King’s son Ferdinand, separated from his fellows, meets Miranda and falls in love, and on another part of the island Prospero’s slave, the savage Caliban, conspires with a drunken butler and a court jester against Prospero. The invisible Ariel keeps them all distracted until Prospero is ready to bring them all together for a final reckoning!