Produced By: Spun Glass Theatre

This Noisy Isle – Summer 2021 [Outdoor Theatre]

Professional Theatre
15 Aug 2021
15 Aug, 10:00
15 Aug, 10:15
15 Aug, 10:30
15 Aug, 10:45
15 Aug, 11:00
15 Aug, 11:15
15 Aug, 11:30
15 Aug, 11:45
15 Aug, 12:00
15 Aug, 13:30
15 Aug, 13:45
15 Aug, 14:00

Tickets no longer available.

A treasure-hunt show giving 7-11 year-olds an adventure through a strange, magical new world.

You've washed up on a new shore…can you navigate through this world where nothing is quite what it seems? The inhabitants of this island make strange noises and sprites hide around every corner. Where do you belong?

Discover your own magical powers in this truly interactive family experience. Join us for a mission which will lead you through puzzles, meeting mysterious characters and steering your team through the choppy seas to search for your new home.

Come prepared for the elements as much of this adventure takes place outdoors!

Created in partnership with Creative Arts East, The Garage, Norwich and Arts Council England.