Produced By: Laura Kenyon Dance

WOMANEWER – Exhibition Launch & Teaser Performance

09 Mar 2023
09 Mar, 18:00

Tickets no longer available.

WomanEwer is a beautiful ode to the body that ‘creates lights in the heads of women all over the world, empowering the harmed and shaping once mute spaces’

Based on real life stories from women and Trans women, this empowering piece of dance theatre addresses themes around sexual assault & abuse against women. 

All over the world, they fall victim to abuse, assault and rape on an everyday basis, even as they continue to be seen as nurturing creatures, whose existence should be devoted to caring and feeding others, always putting their ambitions on hold. These gestures play an integral part in the research and development of this work. The dancers explore this repeated occurrence to contrast the constant abuse with the daily caring roles and to challenge the limiting narratives of what it means to be a woman.

The sewing of leftover scraps into garments and coverlets test women's resourcefulness to use what comes to hand to provide for themselves, even to the using of rags to clean and absorb menstrual blood. So here, multi-coloured scraps, strips and rags of varying materials, strung haphazardly together, fly around the dancers bodies in turmoil as they shake, pant and hug, stamp and spin, flail and fall. In the quieter moments, they hang quivering, suspended, much like their often unheard aspirations of a lifetime.

Ewer is an old word for a jug, its shape is reminiscent of the female form and extends to the idea of the container-keeper-receiver, giver and guardian of life, nourishment and stories. New and Newer relates to the notion of revival, revitalization, growth, recognition of experience, rooting and flourishing.