Produced By: Pell Ensemble

Workshop: Fields of Sound

04 Dec 2021
04 Dec, 10:00

Tickets no longer available.

A one day workshop exploring field recording, 360, immersive and wearable sound. Starting with a walk we will record the different sounds that make up Bedford for you. We will then come back to The Place where a quadraphonic interactive sound system using new technology Flowfal will be set up.

Working with Sound Artist Christian Duka you will get an introduction into Flowfal, an app in development, that allows you to use your movement or that of a professional dancer to manipulate the sound and shift it 360 in the space.
 You will take the field recordings from your walk and with Christian begin to compose the sound using movement yourself or with a dancer.
 The workshop will be led by Sound Artist Christian Duka and Choreographer Rebecca Evans (Pell Ensemble). It will follow their sharing of ‘800 Lifetimes’ at The Place on the 2nd of October that utilises the sound technology Flowfal created by Curvor.
This workshop is suitable for ages 14+ and for anyone with an interest in sound, music or creative technology.
No previous experience is needed to take part. There is an option to explore the digital tool with movement yourself but this will not be a requirement.

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