Produced By: BPT

Workshop: Movie Live!

17 Feb 2023
17 Feb, 09:30

Tickets no longer available.

Join us in Half Term 2023 for an immersive & interactive journey like no other! in a 3-day workshop for Young People aged 13-17.

This February we’re going to be using THE GREATEST SHOWMAN for our inspiration; creating scenes, characters, moments and loads of cool snippets inspired by this incredible movie.
We will then perform before, after and even during the film in a cinematic-live hybrid experience to a live audience. Expect a fast paced, fun workshop including singing, dancing, immersive theatre, acting and top hats.
If you’re thinking ‘This is Me’ and you want to ‘Come Alive’ making some cool stuff happen with ‘The Greatest Show’ then you’re in luck because ‘From Now On’ you can book your tickets for this workshop on the website!