Produced By: Kill the Cat

WORKSHOP: Playable Performance for teachers & Youth Theatre Leaders

19 Oct 2023
19 Oct, 13:30

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A practical workshop from award winning interactive theatre company Kill The Cat on how to create exciting interactive experiences that gives audiences genuine choice and agency.

Join award winning interactive theatre makers Kill The Cat for a workshop on how to create interactive theatre that gives audiences genuine choice and agency

Kill The Cat use interactivity as a tool to make politically and socially engaged interactive experiences that inspire debate, discussion & change.  They also use it because they want their audiences to be able to enjoy an unashamedly fun night out at the same time.

This is a workshop will let you explore new ways of engaging your audiences, including:

  • How to use interactive theatre as a tool to engage audiences with social/ political messages.

  • How to ease an audience into interaction and inspire them to play.

  • How to give your audience agency and create choices that have real consequences in the piece

  • How to respond to different audience dynamics (including how to deal with audiences who try and ‘break the game')

Running time: 2.5hrs

'Kill The Cat gives the audience a joyous sense of freedom that is rare in any theatre' Theatre Weekly.