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World Disco Soup Day

30 Apr 2022
30 Apr, 17:00

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World Disco Soup Day is an action against food waste in which volunteers (that's you!) are invited to collect, wash, clean, cut and cook leftover foods from the local farmer’s market, or any food that would go to waste for not conforming to the commercial aesthetic standards. 
All food prepared is distributed for free but voluntary donations are always welcome on the day. 
On top of all of this, it's a gastronomic, artistic and musical event that brings together people of all ages and background to battle against food waste in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.
No spectators (everyone helps, everyone eats) – Not just welfare – Not only a Party – Not only Cooking – Not just for good cooks – Not just a free meal – It's a DISCO SOUP DAY
World Disco Soup Day is a global event created by Slow Food Youth Network to promote the discussion on the topic of food waste, cook dishes from food scraps and enjoy the process of learning and being together. It is a fun way to show how to save food and reflect on the issue and learn ways to help.
Tag @worlddiscosoupday and use the hashtags #discosoup, #recipeforchange