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You’ve Never Seen…Bedford Films?! + Q&A with East Anglia Film Archive

13 Feb 2022
13 Feb, 17:00

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The Place joins forces with East Anglia Film Archive for a screening of archive films made in and about Bedford.
Bedford is a town bursting with history. Throughout the years, many filmmakers placed the people and streets of Bedford in front of the camera, and told their stories. Now, they will see the light of the big screen.

River Highway (1954)

The River Ouse near Bedford and in the Ouse Valley. It alludes to the river’s past as an important trade link.
England May Be Home (1957)
An Italian working in England has to decide whether he should return home after the death of his father, or relocate his wife and child and make a home in England. 
The film records details of a large community of Italian immigrants, living in Bedford. Employed in the local brick works, the film focuses on the dilemma faced by one of the immigrant workers.
Bedford (1966)
Anglia Television programme looking at life in the county town of Bedford. In the ‘modern, busy and boisterous’ town of Bedford, one in every nine members of the population is an immigrant. Many of these individuals and families who came to Britain to build a new, more prosperous and happier life, settled in Bedford as ‘accidental citizens’ because that was where the work was available.