Aged 10-18?

Love games, fantasy, stories and play?
Want to be the hero (or villain) you’ve always imagined?
Want to meet people who share your interests?

A great opportunity for young people to engage in creative problem solving in a fun, welcoming supervised space. Great for developing speaking and listening skills, team building and developing storytelling and creativity.

Dungeons & Dragons, and other Table Top Role Playing Games (TTRPGs) are a great alternative to videogames, challenging young people to work together, teaching English and Maths skills, and helping young people socialise with like-minded young people.

A great low cost hobby, where all necessary equipment will be provided and young people will get hands on learning in how to play these entertaining, player-led, story-based games. 

No prior experience necessary.

Running weekly during school term on Sunday mornings 10am – 1pm. Next term starts: 11 Sep, 10:00

Run by CRB checked staff at The Place Bedford.

Weekly cost is £4, payable online in full or instalments:  Purchase here

Testimonials from current attendees

“It’s let me get into something that I have want to try for ages and meet new people and something to always look forward to” A (15, m)

“It has also given me social interaction, a chance to talk to people who like similar things to do, and an interesting thing to talk about with friends/family.” M (14, nb)

“It has given me new opportunities to meet new people and so much enjoyment over doing a lot of things I never would of thought of before.” R (14, m)

“This club has offered much more than simply games. It offers the opportunity to explore yourself through your characters, to experiment with social settings, to tell stories together that give you laughs, chills down the spine and truly epic moments to recall for years to come. As a veteran player who recently took up running games as well as playing, it has also given my the euphoric experience of being the engineer of those moments with a table of players. It means a great deal, and I hope to see it continue for years to come.” C (17, nb/f)

“The TTRPG Group at the Place Theatre has really gave me something to look forward to.  Before, I’d tried various activities in and out of school, and they all mostly seemed like a chore to go to, until I found the Place Theatre’s group.  It’s a truly open and diverse community where I’ve met many like-minded individuals and new friends that I never would’ve met if I hadn’t attended the group, and it’s very welcoming. It’s definitely helped with my confidence in speaking to people, and I’m sure many others feel the same way.” A (16, m)

“The club has helped me communicate and have fun with friends in a time where it was needed more than ever. It has helped me forge new and strengthen current friendships and be amongst those who share my interests, and I get to play a game I love. I will forever be grateful.” L (19, m)

“I really love this club, although I go to many others it feels special thanks to the amazing stories the GM’s layout for the players. It provides a relaxing yet fun way to end the week! It’s also wonderful way to get creative and make like minded friends” Z (13, f)