Game Jams

Join us for a free digital game jam exploring making games for change.

The game jam will last a couple of hours – we’ll play games, talk about games and make games. We’ll look at all types of games, board games, escape rooms, video games, LARPS. Together we’ll explore game design and storytelling, and everyone will make their own game.

These jams will focus on ‘games for change’. For us this is games that ask questions, tell stories and offer experiences, which aim to create space for people to think differently, challenge their behaviour and make change in the world around them.

The jams will be held on Zoom on:
Monday 26th April from 6pm – 8pm (sign up here)
Wednesday 12th May from 5pm – 7pm (sign up here)

Anyone and everyone is welcome.
If you have any questions please get in touch with Alex Levene at The Place on

Due to restrictions in our funding, this workshop is only open to 16-25 year olds.

This jam is run by Melanie Frances & The Place, Bedford.