The Place Theatre, Bedford

Theatre Shows and Ticket Sales

The Place is delighted to announce that tickets for most of our shows can now be purchased and paid for online through this website, using a variety of credit and debit cards.

To purchase tickets, click on the show name in the index below to access the information and sales page for the show. Once you've completed your ticket selection, you'll be transferred to our secure payment pages at WorldPay, one of the world's largest secure payment providers, where your credit card details will be taken in a secure environment. Once payment is complete you'll be returned to this website, where you'll be given the opportunity to print an 'E-Ticket' record of your purchase.

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16th to 20th October:
Bedford Drama Company:
By Amanda Whittington
21st October:
Spun Glass Theatre:
24th October:
Scary Little Girls:
25th October:
Bedford Players Trust:
25th October:
Bedford Players Trust:
Directed by Martin McDonagh
26th October:
Bedford Players Trust & Ouse Muse:
27th October:
Lamphouse Theatre:
Based of the book by J M Barrie.
1st November:
Noctium Theatre:
2nd November:
house & Bedford Players Trust:
by A&E Theatre
3rd November:
Book Tastic! Bedford:
4th November:
Swan Theatre Company:
7th to 9th November:
Theatre in Transit:
By Oscar Wilde
10th November:
Andante Live:
13th to 17th November:
Swan Theatre Company:
By Charles Dickens
Adaptated by Nick Ormerod and Declan Donnellen
20th to 23rd November:
Certain Age:
28th Nov to 1st Dec:
Toffe Apple Production:
2nd December:
Swan Theatre Company:
6th and 7th December:
West End in Concert:
8th December:
Theatre Tours International:
By Charles Dickens
9th December:
Moon on a Stick:
10th December:
Moon on a Stick:
12th December:
Bedford Players Trust:
Directed by Franois Ozon
13th December:
Swings The Thing:
14th to 16th December:
Lamphouse Theatre:
19th to 29th December:
Life Box:
Written by Phil Mardlin