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The Place is delighted to announce that tickets for most of our shows can now be purchased and paid for online through this website, using a variety of credit and debit cards.

To purchase tickets, click on the show name in the index below to access the information and sales page for the show. Once you've completed your ticket selection, you'll be transferred to our secure payment pages at WorldPay, one of the world's largest secure payment providers, where your credit card details will be taken in a secure environment. Once payment is complete you'll be returned to this website, where you'll be given the opportunity to print an 'E-Ticket' record of your purchase.

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14th to 16th December:
Lamphouse Theatre:
19th to 29th December:
Life Box:
Written by Phil Mardlin
10th January:
Bedford Players Trust:
11th January:
Bedford Players Trust:
11th January:
House Theatre & Seth Kriebel:
A new version of a very old story from Seth Kriebel
12th and 13th January:
Bedford Players Trust:
14th January:
Bedford Players Trust:
7pm Clueless (1995) 12A
9pm Foxy Brown (1974) 18
14th Jan to 23rd April:
Bedford Players Trust:
15th January:
Bedford Players Trust:
7pm Mean Girls (2004) 12A
9pm Girls Trip (2017) 15
17th January:
Bedford Players Trust:
7pm Chicago (2002) 12A
9:15pm The German Sisters Die bleierne Zeit (1981) 15
18th January:
Bedford Players Trust:
7pm Black Mother (2018) 15
9pm Gorillas in the Mist: The Story of Dian Fossey (1988) 15
19th January:
Little Pixie Productions:
The arias of the versatile soprano Florence Easton
20th January:
Soap Soup Theatre:
25th January:
Bedford Players Trust:
26th January:
Bedford Language Centre and Aragon Day 2019:
26th January:
Bedford Players Trust:
28th January:
Small Nose Productions
in partnership with Trestle Arts:
A play in full mask.
31st January:
That's All Folk:
1st February:
Don't Go Into The Cellar:
2nd February:
Post Workers Theatre
In association with Bedford Creative Arts, The Place Bedford:
3rd February:
Zoo Co:
3rd February:
Swan Theatre Company:
5th February:
Bedford Players Trust:
6th February:
Bedford Players Trust:
7th February:
Stand By Theatre:
8th February:
Joe C Brown Ltd:
10th February:
Bedford Players Trust:
3pm: Shes Beautiful When Shes Angry (2014)
7pm Chavela (2017)
13th February:
Keith Farnan:
Where Kids Rule the World or at least a bit of it.
13th February:
Comedy Club 4 Kids and Simple Politics:
14th February:
Bedford Players Trust:
14th February:
Bedford Players Trust:
14th February:
Bedford Players Trust:
15th and 16th February:
Townsend Productions:
Mary Macarthur and the Women Chainmakers
19th to 23rd February:
Bedford Drama Company:
By Rob Urbinati
24th February:
Swan Theatre Company:
26th February:
Bedford Players Trust:
28th February:
Bedford Players Trust, presented in collaboration with Bedford Council of Faiths and the Anne Frank Trust.:
1st March:
Haste Theatre:
2nd March:
5th to 9th March:
Swan Theatre Company:
By Ronald Harwood
12th March:
Bedford Players Trust:
13th March:
Dawn State Theatre Company:
By Gareth Jandrell
14th March:
Swings The Thing:
15th March:
Beside Ourselves Collective:
16th March:
Produced by Funny Story Productions in association with Kick In The Head:
Written by Mitch Feral
20th to 22nd March:
Act One Theatre:
By William Shakespeare
23rd March:
Kick In The Head:
Written by Jerome K. Jerome
Adapted for the stage and directed by Simon Downing
27th to 30th March:
Certain Age:
by Hugh Whitemore
2nd and 3rd April:
Single Shoe Productions:
4th April:
That's All Folk:
5th April:
Bedford Players Trust:
6th April:
Post Workers Theatre, The Place & Bedford Creative Arts:
Community re-imagining of a Suffrage Script
(February - April 2019)
7th April:
Swan Theatre Company:
9th to 13th April:
Bedford Drama Company:
By Don Black (Tell Me on a Sunday, Aspects
of Love) & composer Frank Wildhorn (Jekyll & Hyde)
14th April:
House Theatre & The Wardrobe Ensemble:
16th April:
West End in Concert:
19th and 20th April:
Toffe Apple Production:
Book by Anthony Drewe. New Songs and Additional Music by George Stiles. Lyrics by Anthony Drewe.
23rd April:
Bedford Players Trust:
24th to 26th April:
The Pantaloons:
27th April:
Primrose Productions: